Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters in the modern world in spite of the fact that he is one of the oldest characters in modern literature. Lots of people really love this character and everything that he represents, and he is also an easy character to emulate. People should wear a long green or brown trench coat and certainly a deerstalker tweed cap of sorts with ear flaps – tied above the head if they get in the way of your investigations for the evening.

When it comes to props, puffing at a pipe and a monocle will work well enough when it comes to emulating a Sherlock Holmes character.

James Bond

james bond costume

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic character like James Bond. Anyone can pull it off with a sharp suit. James Bond is primarily known as being a man who oozes suave sophistication and style, so wrap all those up in a stylish suit and you could have yourself a very convincing costume.

Of course, a sharp suit covers a lot of characters, so you might need to drop a few obvious hints if you are to be very convincing. Ok it’s not the usual style of a spy to be so subtle, but sometimes you can just blend in too much. Carry an empty martini glass, a toy gun or something equally as symbolic of James Bond – drape a gorgeous Bond girl over your arm if the opportunity arises.

The Doctor from Doctor Who

doctor who

There have been lots of versions of the Doctor over the years. He has become very popular in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and The Doctor is always a popular choice at cosplay events. For this you will need a suit and tie, hat – bow tie if you are following the eleventh doctor in the series and definitely a colourful striped scarf. For the final touch – a celery stalk on your lapel.

The Tom Baker version really loved dramatic scarves and that means you have lots of colourful options for the doctor. Carrying around a sonic screwdriver will add to the part and it will really impress people if you carry a blank ID card for psychic paper.

Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen

The Hunger Games series is one of the most popular of all time, and a lot of people would want to dress up as the protagonist. People can actually wear fairly simple clothing to dress as Katniss Everdeen, who is living in an area that is extremely poor and dystopic. However, the important thing is to emphasise that she is an archer.

Carrying a bow and arrow combined with the sort of functional but tough-looking street clothes that someone like her would wear, will typically create the effect that people really want in most cases.

V For Vendetta

v for vendetta costume

Anyone who doesn’t mind wearing a mask and playing a striking and political character can go as V from the graphic novel or film V for Vendetta. The crucial part of this costume is the Guy Fawkes mask. Other than that, people can usually just get away with wearing dark and stylish black clothing in order to embody the spirit of V. A short black bob-cut wig is enough to complete the ensemble, and it is a good idea to wear black gloves as well.

Some people might try to get away with not wearing the Guy Fawkes mask. It might be possible to achieve the same effect using makeup for a sufficiently talented artist. A prosthetic strong nose or pointed chin, along with some dramatic eyebrows and eyeliner, might be able to give that same basic effect.



Beetlejuice is a Halloween film character with enough enduring popularity that it is instantly recognisable. You might be better off making your own costume in order to really stand out, and this shouldn’t be difficult. Beetlejuice has a ghoulish but menacing appearance, and he strangely manages to look sloppy and stylish at the same time. If you can strike that balance you will easily pull off the character.

Wearing a suit that has black and white vertical stripes will work well in a Beetlejuice costume. Either wear a messy and longish wig or make your hair look similarly messy and longish. The makeup is the most important part of the costume, and emphasising Beetlejuice’s extremely pale skin and the pronounced dark area around the eyes is important. These aren’t just dark circles: these are dark areas that almost look like eye patches.

Willy Wonker

willy wonker fancy dress

Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka is a character of enduring popularity and is instantly recognisable making it ideal for fancy dress. It is also very easy to create the look yourself without having to spend a great deal on costumes. Wearing a bright purple top hat and a bright purple jacket will typically be enough to mark a person out as Willy Wonka.

Some people might want to incorporate candy themes into their fancy dress costume as a nod to Willy Wonker being a famous chocolate maker.  A staff that looks like a candy stick or something of that nature will do the trick perfectly.

Elsa – Frozen


Elsa has a blonde French braid and a long, icy blue dress. Wear the appropriate wig or style your hair in the right way and you will have a lot of people saying that you look like Elsa from Frozen, especially since this is a movie with such enduring popularity. A long and slinky blue dress can certainly work.

Elsa costumes are easy to find these days. However, some people might appreciate the creative challenge of making their own. Pick out an ice blue dress, add a silvery tiara to the ensemble and even better if you can find giant plastic icicles or anything that resembles icicles, adding those as motifs can really help to make an Elsa costume stand out, since she is literally the Ice Queen. This will add a touch of originality to the Elsa costume.

The Joker


The Joker typically wears extremely bright clothing in addition to really sloppy clown makeup. Most people will recognise the bright purple suit jacket if you wear that to a fancy dress party. However, other types of bright or loud clothing could also work. The Joker has an extremely expressive personality that is revealed in his darkly outlandish style, and you need to incorporate that into the costume where you can.

There are lots of places that sell packaged Joker costumes and you can even pick them up quite cheaply on Amazon. However, it’s always impressive if you manage to make your own! Wearing almost any over-sized jacket and some messy clown makeup can work as a makeshift Joker costume. Wearing a somewhat long and messy wig is enough to seal the deal, especially given the look of many of the different modern interpretations of the Joker these days.